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Canadian Tax Preparation

TurboTax Canada Tax Preparation Software is truly a great way to save money on your taxes for several reasons including:

  • Save money by preparing your return yourself.
  • By doing your own return you learn how to better prepare for future returns and bigger refunds just by learning about tax benefits.
  • Save on hassles by using the proper software to insure your return is accurately prepared without mistakes.

Now it's your money you earned it, shouldn't  you be making sure your keeping as much of it as you can for yourself?

Picking the right Canada Tax Software for the task is the start to becoming a better filer for yourself and your finances. You learn far more beneficial tips when working on your return and this software is loaded with advice you just shouldn't be passing up. It can cost you plenty if you don't keep up with the tax laws affecting you.

TurboTax Canada Online Editions Include:

  • Student: The perfect solution for your education tax filing needs.
  • Basic: This edition covers just the basics and is the ideal choice for those with simple tax return needs.
  • Standard: This edition may be the best choice if your return will include donations, medical expenses, RRSPs, tuition or even if you want to optimize deductions between family members.
  • Platinum: Includes everything from the Standard Edition, plus powerful tools for claiming investments & rental property income.
  • Business Un-Incorporated: Software for Small & Home Business or Self Employed designed to lessen your work load for tax filing.
  • TurboTax 20 Family Pack: Have Multiple Returns to File? Then this is the perfect solution for you. It includes filing for 20 returns! Maximize deductions for your whole family and get step-by-step guidance along the way.

Free Canadian Tax Software

The TurboTax Canada Free Online Edition is ideal for Canadians with only income to claim. Plus, get help when you need it by accessing the Live Community, where you can connect with other users while preparing your taxes online.

You can qualify to use the Free Online Edition if you:

  • Receive T-slips such as T4s and T4As
  • Have tip income or pension income to claim
  • Are not self-employed
  • Do not have investment income
  • Only receive standardized federal & provincial deductions

If you find that you don't meet qualifications while completing your return, you may to move to the Standard Edition, and all your work transfers with you!

There are limitations to the free edition but if your looking to file a simple return, then this could be the best way to go, kind-a hard to improve on the price of free isn't it?

Using the right software for your needs is the best way to ensure your going to get the maximum refund. After-all, you worked for your money, shouldn't you be trying to keep as much of it as you can? I know I always double check to see if I missed any opportunities to increase my refund and TurboTax helps me do just that, all while being fully guided through my tax preparation and filing process.

I have been using online Canadian tax software, and doing my taxes myself for several years now, I'm more impressed every year with how easy it has become to complete my return without stress.

Making sure your getting the most out of your return all while insuring that your correctly filling in all the blanks with the proper information to satisfy the Canada Revenue Agency is important to ensure your not going to be hassled with corrections and unresolved issues.

Try Quick Tax software today and see how easy filing your taxes yourself can be. The best part is, your keeping the money you would have spent on professional preparation for yourself, and this amounts to a bigger refund already.

We all have to pay taxes, and for the most part it's fair, but if your not taking advantage of all the tax breaks you can - you may find yourself paying far more than you have to.

Regardless of which format you decide to use, online or, download, your sure to find why this product is the #1 selling product for consumer used Canadian Tax Software year after year. Decades of experience and development will ensure your getting the best experience possible, along with the biggest tax return refund guarantee. It's really that good...

Tax support for Canadian Provinces & Territories: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory, Yukon Territory, - and US Taxes for any of the US states and overseas.

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